Developing Confidence (part 2)

We all know at least one kid who is over confident and arrogant, who does things just to get attention.  Maybe it's your own kid. (No judgement.) Many times their impact is a wide wake of negativity. Why is this? What can we do to re-direct that behavior so the impact is positive? I think it has something to do with the development of their core identity.

Our goal is to raise kids with a strong identity, who will have a positive impact and who will stand up for themselves and others. Listen as Luke Dunnuck and I discuss solutions on building confidence by building a kid's core identity.  In addition, you'll also hear how ex NFL coach, Tony Dungy, and college basketball analyst, Clark Kellogg, answer the question, "How do you mentor a kid who doesn't want to be mentored?" Simple yet powerful stuff. 


David Roux is an Academic Life Coach for teens and college students from Fishers, IN. For more information, check out