Don't Should On Your Kids: Build Their Mental Toughness (pt. 2)

When you’re watching your kid play a sport, you can experience a roller coaster of emotions!  What can you do, as parents, when you get the “feels” during a game?  Listen, as Dr. Rob Bell and I discuss how to respond but not react.

Speaking of reacting, we’ve probably all been in this situation…you’re on the ride home, with your athlete, after the game and what do you start talking about?  All the things your kid could have done differently. Find out why trying to “coach” them might not be in your best interest.

On the opposite end, it’s a fine line, for parents, between wanting to boost their kid’s confidence and still keep their feet on the ground.  We have suggestions on ways to do this because reality checks aren’t always fun, especially when Johnny finds out he WILL NOT be the next Michael Jordan!

We get it.  Putting your kids in sports can be hard on you…The emotions, the arguments, and even questioning your own parenting skills.  Listen to the podcast as Dr. Rob Bell and I discuss the 2nd part on Building Mental Toughness and why parents shouldn’t “Should” on their kids. 

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