First Things First: Vision (part 1)

The more an individual knows WHO they are, the better chance they have of knowing WHERE they are going. Self-awareness is key. 

As I work with young people, my passion is they begin pursing a lifetime of learning about themselves. And I want to give them the tools to do that. One of those tools is the concept of personal vision. How well do our teens understand how to define what true success looks like for themselves? How well do they visualize the future and see how they fit into it? Do they have a true vision of who they can become, and what they can do?

In today's podcast, Missy Shopshire explores what true vision is and how to cultivate it in our kids. Missy is an executive business coach, speaker, and trainer. She's worked with many companies and executives to bring clarity not only to their companies but to the individual as well. 


David Roux is an Academic Life Coach for teens and college students from Fishers, IN. For more information, check out