Guide To Teenage Humans (part 1)

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If you google the phrase "teen expert", Josh Shipp shows up as #1 on the list.

I am so honored to have spent some time with Josh, and I am very excited for you hear from him! You don't want to miss this powerful conversation. This man's story is amazing, and in the words of one individual, "when it comes to understanding the minds of teens, Josh Shipp is truly The Teen Whisperer!"

Josh Shipp is an author, global youth empowerment expert, and acclaimed speaker. A former at-risk foster kid turned youth advocate, he is renowned for his documentary TV series (A&E), that followed his ground-breaking work with teens.

He is the author of the national bestseller “The Teen’s Guide to World Domination“, and was listed on Inc. Magazine’s 30 under 30 list.

He’s spoken at universities such as HarvardStanfordMIT & UCLA. He is a recognized teen expert for media outlets as MTV, CNN, FOX, The New York Times, 20/20, Good Morning America.

He’s worked with groups of parents, educators & mental health professionals plus has spoken to more than TWO Million teens live.

Oh, here's the coolest thing!

His brand new book, "The Grown-Up's Guide to Teenage Humans: How to Decode Their Behavior, Develop Unshakable Trust, and Raise a Respectable Adult", comes out today! Be sure to check it!

As you can see, today's podcast will be the 1st part of a thee-part series. We will release part two on Sept 27 and part three on Oct 4.


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