Recipe For Academic Success

"Mom. Dad. My grades are tanking, and I don't know what to do?"

Ok, first of all, if my teen is self-aware enough to recognize their grades are sinking, they deserve a big kudos. But what happens in my world (more often than I care to admit) is I don't catch the grades sinking, and panic sets in when I see the grades have sat at the bottom of the ocean for what seems like forever. Good times.

Either way, what do we say? How can we help them?

As I've coached many teens, there are three simple action steps they can do to get themselves back on the right track. And many times, kids will do two of the three actions somewhat well. But most of the time, they avoid one of the action steps altogether. The sum of all three action steps working together is a recipe for academic success. 

Listen to me discuss those three action steps in Recipe for Academic Success.