Understanding Millennials (part 1)

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Millennials. Millennials. Millennials. 

There has been so much discussion about this generation and how to understand who they are. Much of what I've heard hasn't always been positive, especially when it comes to the workplace. Many times millennials have been described as narcissistic, needed trophies for everything, self indulged, lazy, entitled, etc. The phrase, "oh, you're such a millennial", is not a phrase of endearment. 

Lindsay Boccardo, a nationally recognized millennial expert and coach, has worked with many companies and organizations to help create a more effective work space helping bridge the gap of understanding between baby boomers and millennials. She has also worked with the Indiana Supreme Court. 

In today's episode, Lindsay will help us understand who the millennials are and some of the things that truly characterize them. She will also give us tips on how to work with them in the work place.

I am really excited for you to get to know Lindsay. Not only does she provide great education, but she is blast. Enjoy!

David Roux is an Academic Life Coach for teens and college students from Fishers, IN. For more information, check out www.davidrouxcoaching.com.