Understanding Millennials (part 2)

I don't think every kid needs to go to college to be "successful".

In today's world, the options or avenues for a young person to create the kind of future they want is greater than when I was 18 years old (1990 - yikes!).  In addition, the return on investment with attending college these days isn't great, especially if you're getting a liberal arts degree.  But the cultural pressure to attend college is huge. The pressure could come from parents, friends, prestige and image, or years of, "that's just what you do."

I'm NOT against higher education. I love learning, and there are jobs that need a college degree. I'm simply FOR young people THINKING first before they jump, considering what their life might be like after the college experience. I'm FOR young people exploring more of who they are and understanding their strengths and weaknesses better. I'd love to see every young person clarify their personal vision, mission, and values. Imagine these discoveries driving our kid's direction, purpose and decisions in life. Much more powerful! 

In today's podcast, Lindsay continues to help us understand the challenges millennials are experiencing after their college experience and tips to help the next generation minimize these challenges. We will also discuss further some of the issues I mentioned above. And finally, you'll hear what it's like to have 3 drummers in a room.  Enjoy!

David Roux is an Academic Life Coach for teens and college students from Fishers, IN. For more information, check out www.davidrouxcoaching.com.