Understanding Millennials (part 3)

"Middle ground." "Managing tension vs resolving tension." "Both/and." "Compromise." "Negotiation." 

These are terms or mindsets that baby boomers and millennials need to incorporate into their workspace when working together. Living in extremes will not work today. For example, if a boomer maintains a mindset of, "it's my way or the highway", the retention percentage at your company will not be good. On the other hand, if a millennial doesn't demonstrate a willingness to learn from the leaders who are boomers, they may not get very far in the company because they are viewed as entitled or unteachable. 

In today's final episode with Lindsay, we will discuss examples of how to meet in the middle. Lindsay will also address a statement I hear from parents a lot..."I just hate technology. It's hurting our kids more than helping." I think you will find her comments thought provoking. 


David Roux is an Academic Life Coach for teens and college students from Fishers, IN. For more information, check out www.davidrouxcoaching.com.