Designing Your Future”  is an online group coaching course designed to help your teen or college student know WHO they are and WHERE they are going in life.  It is also designed to help them experience less stress with school, grades, the college application process, and relationships.  They will develop greater motivation and organization.  Their ability to communicate with parents, teachers, and peers will improve.  They will learn some skills/tools that can be used the rest of their life.  And as they gain greater self-awareness of who they are, they will feel more empowered and own the direction of THEIR lives. 

The great thing about meeting online is that it cuts out the transportation issues, limits the busyness of life, and can be done anywhere. In addition, your son or daughter will learn a ton from other people through discussion. Love that!

Each student will work through the concepts/tools from the Academic Life Coaching workbook. Below are a list of the concepts we will draw from...

  • Wheel of Life                                                  

  • Core Motivation (an assessment)

  • Goals vs Action Steps

  • Short Term Vision & Long Term Vision (seeing your future self)

  • Learning and Thinking styles

  • Limiting Belief Systems & Inner Critic

  • Empathy

  • Setting Positive Mental Cues

  • Academic Success

  • Visualiztion

  • Clarifying Your Personal Core Values

  • Developing A Personal Mission Statement

  • Passions

  • Top 5 Strengths (character and skills)

  • Organization and Setting Priorties                

The Logistics:

  • 10 Sessions
  • Sessions last 90 mins
  • Sessions are held weekly on Sundays from 3:30 - 5pm EST
  • Sessions are held online using Google Hangout, therefore, your student needs a Gmail account and computer
  • Class size needs to be between 6-10 students
  • Each student will have unlimited text and email support to help with accountability, motivation, and encouragement 
  • After each class, I will follow up with an email to the parents describing the class and summarizing what we discussed
  • Parents will have unlimited access to me via phone, text, or email if you have questions
  • Cost: $725 (Breaks down to $48/hr)

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Summer Sessions  (Sundays @ 3:30 starting June 10)

Fall Sessions  (Sundays @ 3:30 starting Sept 2)

Winter Sessions  (Sundays @ 3:30 starting Nov 18)

Spring Sessions  (Sundays @ 3:30 staring Feb 24)

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