Program Description

“How do I have a powerful influence in my teen’s life right now that lasts a lifetime?”  That’s a question a parent asked me one time.  It’s a great question.  And that may be a question you are asking yourself as well.  If so, I would love to help. 

Developing A Powerful Influence In Your Teen's Life” is ten 60 min coaching sessions between the parent(s) and coach over a six month period.  We meet every other week.

The program's philosophy is that parents will have a greater influence in their teen's life when they take on more of a "coaching role" vs a  "directive director role" during the crazy teen years.  It is designed to help you:

  • Create open and honest conversations with your teen
  • Communicate more effectively with your teen
  • Understand your teen
  • Guide your teen
  • Create a safe, approachable, and close relationship with your teen
  • Discover who you are, and who your teen is
  • Create a safe and positive home environment
  • Connect with your teen
  • Develop a long lasting influence in your teen’s life
  • Help your teen stand on his/her own two feet  

 The topics we will cover are below: 

  • It's All About Relationship - Bank Analogy
  • Why Coaching? - The Funnel
  • What is Coaching?
  • My Vision
  • My Core Driver
  • The 3 Listening Modes
  • Asking Simple, Curious, Yet Powerful Questions
  • Focus On The Teen, Not Simply The Problem
  • Pulling The Rope Together
  • My Core Identity
  • Designing Your Influence
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