Self-Awareness, Growth, Purpose, Passion, Ownership, Leadership, Resilience, Self-Alignment, and Value System

The ALC program works because David coaches students one-on-one or in a group setting and individually tailors the program for him or her.

Teenagers will learn skills that help them get better grades with less stress because they understand their learning and thinking styles.  As self-awareness and confidence rise, stress levels go down. They get more organized because they learn their motivational style and tools to develop effective personalized systems.   They create successful college applications because they demonstrate a strong Emotional Intelligence and Personal Fluency, which college admission officers are looking for. In addition, teenagers will understand their personality better which may help in determining a major. The bottom-line is that students in the Academic Life Coaching program demonstrate more leadership and become more proactive in their lives.

The Academic Life Coaching program is so effective because the action plan doesn’t just come from the life coach.  The coach and the student design the action together.  Students follow through with more success because they have designed the actions that they want from concepts and principles informed by David. Students own the success and understand how to apply the principle to other areas of their lives.

Proven Success!

Over the past 9 years students who have completed the ALC program reported:

  • 93% felt more confident
  • 82% felt less stressed
  • 93% felt their communication with their parents and teachers improved
  • 95% improved their GPA
  • 91% accepted to their top choice college program