At David Roux Coaching, we are all about creating a positive and healthy environment for our customers.  Feeling safe and a “no-judgment zone” is key.  Together, as we pursue personal development and growth, you will feel priority one and acknowledged.  As a result, your overall self-awareness and internal compass will become stronger.  You can count on us to be reliable with our service. 


"My son is more responsible, upbeat, helpful, and positive. He is more talkative and introspective. I am so pleased with the results that I signed my son up for continuing sessions with David. I have also signed myself up with him to be a better parent to my teenagers." - Danielle

"We give so much to our kids all the time. Most of what we give we do not see the dividends right away, and it may never come to fruition. But Academic Life Coaching with David is a gift to our teenage son that has positively changed who he is now and will continue to give a return on the investment as he pursues his college career and beyond. Thank you David for making a visible change in our kid who already was a great young man, now even better."  -Kristi

"Working with David was a positive experience.  My husband and I saw our daughter grow in empathy and compassion for others.  She began practicing the art of putting herself in other people's shoes and listening first. The other area she grew in was self-awareness.  She loved that she could put words to who she was as a person and really own it.  She developed greater clarity of who she is and where she is headed."  -Mary Beth


"Through this program, David is helping me become even more self-aware.  As a result of that self-awareness, I am improving in my relationships with people, and I am learning what I want to do in college."  -Emily, ALC Client, Class of 2015
"I'm experiencing less stress and more fun as a result of changing how I approach my homework." -Lauren, ALC Client, Class of 2015
"David has helped me begin to identify my passions and motivations along with how to apply myself in reaching my long range goals. The program has helped me see life a little more clearly and what's important to become a well rounded person." -Andrew, ALC Client, Class of 2015

National Press

"It teaches essential life skills."
"Increases self-awareness... quickly assesses strengths and weaknesses."
"Life coaching  for kids is not just about streamlining study habits or staying organized.  It's about taking control."
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"Teens Turn to Life Coaches to Cope with Pressures" by Associated Press, seen by Huffington Post  

"How to Motivate Teens" in ABC's 'AM Northwest' Television interview  

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